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Tia the Tripod Cat

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Aug 10

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Here she is begging for more petting.   She was in a good mood this morning and enjoyed all the attention I gave her.    She is eating well, and litterbox habits appear to be normal, so that is all good.    She has lost one stitch on her incision and one has a loose string, so we are just being diligent with the protection to try and make it all last until Monday when we go back to the vet.


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Aug 09

Tia playing with a toy – she is getting pretty agile!


When my husband got home tonight, Tia looked like she was feeling much better.    She was even up for a little bit of play time!


Aug 09

Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!


Tia was a little slower this morning, and didn’t end up eating all her breakfast.   We had been giving her medicine in her food, but we will now have to give it separately if she won’t eat consistently.   I ended up giving her a remaining dose of the first pain medicine around noon to see if that would make her feel a little better (I don’t think she got a full dose of the gabapentin this morning due to not eating all of breakfast)

This window cat bed is a favorite of all the cats because we have one of those heated pet bed pads connected to it.    So I put her up on it and she seemed to settle down and relax.  Hopefully the heat will help with sore muscles since I think all the extra effort to get around is starting to take its toll.  I have some pet stairs going to it so she can get down if needed.

I have been keeping the cone on her more often than the recovery suit – I am waiting for the larger sized one to come in.  The Medium size seemed a touch too small and was constricting her joints making her less likely to be mobile in it.   So, if you order one, know they run small, since Tia hit the medium measurements right on the dot.


Since events have slowed down and we are just on the slow slog to getting the stitches out, I may not update the blog quite as often, but I will try and keep everyone posted as to her progress!


Aug 07


Good Morning!

I am glad to report that Tia slept on the bed with me all night and NO panic attacks!   I suspect that her being more mobile last night may have helped – she seems to get better at walking around every day.

This morning I was awoken to cone head butts and her normal purring -please-feed-me-self.    It’s nice to see things start getting back to normal.

Last night we finished the first pain medicine and this morning, we started the Gabapentin.   It’s turning Tia in a nice sleepy kitty, so I expect this is how the day will go.


She doesn’t seem to be in any discomfort so hopefully today will be a regular lazy Sunday.

Aug 07

We had a rough night after day 2.    My husband got home and took her collar off to give her some freedom.    At some point she panicked and barreled through the pillow barrier under the bed.    I got home and she was not to be coaxed out, so we went to bed.    Around 2:30AM or so, she hopped up onto the bed and I snapped the collar back on.   We cuddled up and went to sleep for a few hours.     She then woke up in a panic and was trying to get the collar off and stand up.    She jumped off the bed and had several more panic attacks thru the night until she got the collar off completely.   Sigh.

I got up at 6 and fed her as well as gave her the morning pain medicine dose.   Good news is that her appetite is back!   And today is a new day.

I put the suit back on her today with much more success.   She reacted with the classic “freeze and flop” that happens with a Thundershirt on a cat.     She was much calmer, but not very mobile, so it’s still a mixed bag.    The suit is a little small, too, so I ordered a larger size.

Tia in her suit

Tia wearing her recovery suit (or her kitty yoga pants as my husband likes to say)

She curled up and slept, so we took the opportunity to run a few errands.    Came home and she had moved to a different bed, but still wasn’t walking well in the suit.   Probably something she will have to get used to over time.   I decide to take it off her for the day and do more time later.


Now for a big step: introducing our alpha cat to her.   Her sister, Sia, is the alpha cat of our three cat household.   She is the one who must be obeyed, and the most likely to be aggressive to Tia after the surgery.   We bring her in, and the expected hisses and growls ensue.   No overt physical aggression though, which is good.    I get some group treats out in one of our puzzle toys and everyone digs in.   Tia head butts and rubs on Sia, much to Sia’s dismay and histrionics ensue.   Sia gets kicked out, and everyone calms back down.

With the suit off, Tia is instantly more mobile and up and around.   I get a toy out and we do some light play, which she really enjoys.   Probably also good for her balance learning.   She does very well playing and seems pretty chipper.


Tia playing with a fishing toy


Its time for dinner and I want to get Tia out into the main house, so I put Sia away and open the bedroom door to go make the cat food bowls.    This is part of our old routine and sure enough I soon have Tia rubbing my ankles in the kitchen. Yay!   She scarfs down dinner and decides to hang out in the living room for a while.


She seems to be not overly washing her stitches, so I am going to back off of being hyper about a cone or the suit for a while.  She seems best without either, so   I will just monitor it and make sure she isn’t getting too vigorous.


The day ended well with Tia in her favorite spot: on my lap in the recliner.  She even hopped up herself.