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Tia the Tripod Cat

Apr 28

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Tia gets more and more agile as the months go by.   She did gain some weight after the surgery, probably due to less activity, so we are trying to exercise her more.    She can get up onto counters and jump up the cat tree or onto her favorite chairs.   Overall, its been going really well.  We noticed her coat is very soft and smooth now, where before the surgery it was a bit rough.   I suspect the tumor was affecting her system more than we knew.


She is still trying to scratch her ears with the non-existent leg, which is funny and sad at the same time.   I sometimes help her out with a good scritch when I see her doing it.  🙂



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7 comments so far

  1. purrkins
    9:51 pm - 4-28-2017

    I am so glad to see things are great with Tia!
    If she gained weight I can’t tell! She looks perfect!
    But yes they are less active after the amp we had to cut Purrkins food back.
    Thanks for the update!
    Holly & Purrkins

  2. otisandtess
    11:19 pm - 4-28-2017

    She is looking great! Isn’t it amazing how well they adapt?

  3. jerry
    11:34 pm - 4-28-2017

    Tia the Terrific, you are rockin it girlfriend! I know it stinks you can’t scratch your ear but now you’ve got your humans right where you want ’em! xoxo

  4. azrael
    12:39 am - 4-29-2017

    Yeah, we have been amazed at how resilient she is. Thanks for the kind words everyone!

  5. kazann
    4:06 am - 4-29-2017

    She’s looks wonderful!! It’s interesting that her coat is softer now. Mona had dandruff before the surgery and it cleared up and she also had shiny, ultra soft fur after the amputation.
    It looks like Tia has it all figured out and has trained you to be an ear scratcher. Smart kitty.

    Kerren and Tripawd Kitty Mona

  6. benny55
    5:46 am - 4-29-2017

    Always looooove happy updates like this! 🙂 Delighted to hear how well the lovely Tia is doing! 🙂 🙂

    Interesting observation abput the fur being softer now. Sounds like a really good healthy sign!

    Extra ear scratches for Tia tonight on behalf of all her fans here! 🙂


    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  7. benny55
    5:49 am - 4-29-2017

    PS. Btw, loved that video!!!


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