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Tia the Tripod Cat

Aug 04

It is hard to believe it has been two years since Tia’s surgery!    She is very playful and happy – so glad we did this!   I can tell she feels much better now than she did before the surgery!

Here is a nice compilation of her showing how normal she acts and is now!


The only thing that is different is she doesn’t counter-surf anymore, and she has fully trained me to scratch the ear on her missing leg side for her!    Anyone who is going through this now, have hope!  It is very rough recovering from the surgery, but they really can bounce back to being happy, normal kitties just with 1 less leg!!



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  1. Purrkins
    1:13 pm - 8-4-2018

    Congrats Tia, you are doing amazing 2 years for Tia & Purrkins Whoo Hoo!!
    Consider the NO counter surfing a GREAT thing Purrkins still does, and I wish he did not, but he is the same kitty on three if not a happier kitty! Purrkins has stairs all over the house that is what has changed here;)

    Yep could not agree more! Minus a leg, more ear scratches PLUS steps for us same kitties minus the C! Here is to more milestones! 🎗🎗🎉🎊
    Hugs & scratches to the kitties, please!
    Holly & Purrkins❤️

  2. kazann
    4:04 pm - 8-4-2018

    Not only is Tia doing great but has she actually become more beautiful? I like that she swapped the counter surfing for the free ear scratches. Congrats to all of you. We can learn a lot from cats.

    Hugs, Kerren, Eli and Tripawd Kitty Mona

  3. hester
    4:16 pm - 8-4-2018

    This is a genuinely wonderful update. So happy gorgeous Tia is doing so well and you all have settled beautifully into this new normal!


  4. jerry
    8:37 pm - 8-4-2018

    It has NOT been two years? WOW!

    Tia you are such a role model for future and current Tripawds. You know how to make the most of life on 3, including getting your parents to be your totally devoted slaves 🙂

    We are thrilled to be part of your celebration, and promise to let everyone know about what a great job you’ve done as a Tripawd ambassador. Keep it up pretty girl! And CONGRATS!

  5. azrael
    12:05 am - 8-5-2018

    Thanks everyone! The resources here were a great help to me when we first started down this path. I don’t get much time to participate anymore, but do like to give periodic updates so folks can see how “normal” and happy a kitty can be after this!!

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