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Tia the Tripod Cat

Aug 10


Its hard to believe its only been a week since Tia’s surgery.   She has made a ton of progress in the week, and things have settled into a workable routine.

Today her larger sized suit arrived from Vetgood.  The medium was so tight on her torso it was making her “freeze and flop”.  The large size fits better in the torso, but the bottoms were too big.   So, I am using the smaller size bottoms and the large top.   She no longer freezes and flops over and seems to be mobile in this new configuration.

She is happy to have the cone off, I think.

Her stitches look great, no redness and the swelling and bruising has gone down significantly.  Looking forward to getting them out on Monday!

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  1. benny55
    10:47 pm - 8-10-2016


    OMC!! You look absolutely ADORABLE in you high stylin fashion! Sooooo cute!!!

    Breat update and DELIGHTFUL photo!


    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  2. linda8115
    11:26 pm - 8-10-2016

    Awe sooo sweet. Beautiful kitty you have there. Tia’s rocking her new style!

  3. otisandtess
    11:43 pm - 8-10-2016

    Outer space kitty! Sorry, I couldn’t help it.

  4. azrael
    11:49 pm - 8-10-2016

    LOL, it does make her look a bit like an astronaut! Thanks everyone!

  5. purrkins
    12:31 am - 8-11-2016

    Love that thing, so much better then trying to do the t-shirt ,onesie!
    She looks great! You’ll be amazed when the stitches come out! Tia will be back to herself! 🙂
    Purrkins had his out today and WOW all I can say is you’ll be amazed and a good sense of relief will come! 🙂

  6. hester
    4:21 am - 8-11-2016

    She does look like she is about to go where no man has gone before!! So cute – she’s a mix and match size – lots of girls are! LOL

    Happy to hear she is feeling so much better!

    Lisa and Pofi dog

  7. Sami Cat's Mom
    12:24 am - 1-5-2017

    Hi! I asked my vet about the surgical suit and he wasn’t sure it would work for rear amputation cats. I told him about Tia wearing one and he said it would be fine if it worked but it was essential to keep Sami away from the wound. Before I buy one (I measured before his surgery and he is a LARGE), was it really beneficial and did it cover the wound area ok? How often did you rotate between the collar and the suit?

    • azrael
      12:32 am - 1-5-2017

      It worked OK. She tended to get it dirty when using the litter box, so it was rotated with the cone for washings fairly frequently. It did keep her away from the stitches and she seemed more comfortable vs the cone.

      If one was a little more crafty than me, you might be able to sew up the extra fabric where the missing leg is, which might help keep it cleaner when using the box.

      • Sami Cat's Mom
        3:03 am - 1-10-2017

        Thank you! The vet will check out the suit on Wednesday when he removes drain tubes. I will be as “crafty” as necessary to get Sami out of that cone.

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