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Tia the Tripod Cat

Aug 15


Free at last!


Today was the big day to get Tia’s stitches out!  I scooped her up this morning and stuffed her into her new carrier before she knew she was being betrayed, LOL.   We discovered the new carrier wasn’t waterproof, unfortunately (she always gets so scared she pees).   But a towel in the car seat, and we are off!

The vet is impressed with how well she is walking, and has the stitches out in 10 minutes.   She is now free of the cone, but we are supposed to watch to make sure she doesn’t get obsessive about the scab.


Back home to release a VERY happy kitty!   I fed her, and she wandered around, somewhat in disbelief that I wasn’t putting her cone back on.



Here is a picture of the incision after the suture removal:




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  1. purrkins
    9:36 pm - 8-15-2016

    Tia is free! Now you will see big changes! She’s a beauty! You can use wee wee pads in your carrier or car. Hope the carrier worked for you guys!

    • azrael
      2:35 am - 8-16-2016

      Thanks! The carrier did work – I did use wee pads, but she gets so worked up, she balled them up to one side, then peed. Sigh. It did drip a bit, which was a problem at first, but I think I can work with it now that I know its limitations. It was waaaaay easier to get her in and out, and when we were done I just disassembled and threw the whole thing in the washing machine, which was nice. The vet liked it a lot too, LOL

  2. benny55
    3:57 am - 8-16-2016

    YAY FOR STICH REMOVAL! I know she feels good having them out. Hopefully she won’t mess with her incision so she can get out of that cone soon! 🙂

    Tia is quite photogenic! Tia really is a pretty kitty!


    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

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