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Tia the Tripod Cat

Aug 19



Its been two weeks and 1 day since Tia’s surgery!   She is doing amazingly well.    As far as accommodations go, we still have some stairs up to a higher favored perch and a low-sided litter box.    But she is now able to jump up on a lower window perch as well as the bed easily.    I have modified the “normal” litterbox with a step stool (its high sided because we have a standing pee’er cat) so we will try to see if she will use that this weekend.   She has not ventured up on any kitchen counters as of yet, but I expect she will eventually be able to make those jumps as well (although I was enjoying not having to shoo her off of counters).

Here is a video of her playing with a fishing toy – she hardly seems slowed down by her missing leg.  You can really see her tail working on that balance, though!


And here is her incision as of today:


2 comments so far

  1. purrkins
    10:27 am - 8-19-2016

    Wow she is quick! Yeah Tia:) They are even more amazing on 3 aren’t they!
    Glad to see she is doing so well!
    Holly & Purrkins

  2. hester
    1:00 pm - 8-19-2016

    Looking SO agile! Just wonderful. And goodness – her fur is growing back SO quickly! Great to see how well she is progressing!

    Lisa and Pofi dog

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